CPAP Machines

Best CPAP Machines Review – Resmed, Philips Respironics, Fisher &Paykel

Whether it is shopping online or at the nearest store, choosing the right CPAP machine can be tricky. Nobody really wants to buy something expensive and not be able to make good use of it later. Since, CPAP machines are easily found online, shoppers can get weary and keen when it comes to finding the right one.

What You Need Vs. What You Want

Buyers must know what kind of CPAP machine they really need. Will a regular and cheaper CPAP machine suffice or does your condition necessitate the more expensive and advanced ACPAP machine? Should you go for branded CPAP machines or will a local brand be okay with you?

Reading CPAP Reviews

Reading CPAP reviews particularly those made by doctors and health professionals are helpful because they involve studies done to assess and evaluate CPAP machines over a period of time. On the other hand, feedback and reviews from CPAP machine users themselves offer valuable first-hand accounts by those who have actually prior experience with CPAP machines.

CPAP machine reviews make it easier for us to compare different brands, weigh important factors like sizes and weight of the machines as well as the cost of buying a particular type or model. A review sheds light from the most basic information to the most complex characteristics, features and benefits of the different brands of CPAP machines.

CPAP Review – Top Brands of CPAP Machine in the Market


Resmed is a leading developer and manufacturer of equipment for sleep disorders and respiratory problems. Through the years it has developed and paved the way for creating new technology that aims to help eliminate or reduce sleep related and breathing problems.

Since its creation, Resmed has successfully developed new CPAP and ACPAP machines such as the S9 Series that boasts of a quieter motor for undisturbed sleep. User friendly features include easier controls, the ability to automatically adjust air pressure depending on the needs of a patient suffering from sleep apnea as well as climate control to keep one comfortable even when room temperature varies.

It also has data cards that record and keep track of data. Most Resmed users agree that Resmed CPAP machines help them feel refreshed and recharge after a good night’s sleep.

Philips Respironics

Placing importance in the field of research and development, Philips has continuously proven itself as a leader in innovation and technology. Starting out with making lamps, Philips has since gone a long way, venturing into electronics and the healthcare arena with its introduction of the System One.

The System One is a series of devices developed for sleep apnea patients. The latest addition is the Remstar Pro with AutoIQ, a type of CPAP machine that records and analyzes the patient’s activity for 30 days then automatically adjusts itself to best suit the patient’s unique needs thereon.

It also boasts of cutting edge features like reduced motor sound levels, dual mode that allows for easy switching, climate control for a comfortable feeling, night time mode for easy viewing in the dark, multilingual readouts and enhanced filtration design.

Fisher and Paykel

Another company that started out on appliances and kitchen wares, Fisher and Paykel has long since move on to the healthcare business. It offers a variety of products and equipment that aim to help sleep apnea patients. It has developed the F&P Icon Auto, a CPAP machine that has the ThermoSmart feature to control humidity and comfort levels. It also features auto adjusting pressure, SensAwake and InfoSmart.

Whatever brand you choose to buy, the one thing you need to make sure of is that the CPAP machine succeeds in making your feel comfortable and relaxed so you can enjoy a good night’s slumber. If you have any questions regarding CPAP machines, please get in touch with us using the Contact Form below.